2016 VLSI WORKSHOP Introduction to VLSI Design and FPGA in UNILA and ITERA

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After we held the workshop in 3 campuses, ITB, UNDIP and UGM.  IEEE SSCS Indonesia chapter collaborating with PME ITB also organized VLSI Workshop on introduction VLSI design and FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) in Lampung province.


VLSI & FPGA Workshop in UNILA (Universitas Lampung)

Same as VLSI workshop in the other campus before. VLSI Workshop is an event to introduce student to VLSI design prototyping use FPGA.  The event was also held to explore the state-of-the-art of SSCS related technology. The event also had an objective to create an ecosystem of electronic company in Indonesia.  We are from PME ITB flight to Lampung to held this workshop.  The main topic on this workshop is cordic algorithm to obtain coordinate in vector domain and rotation domain. But before that we also give the knowledge on how to design an RTL for combinational and sequential circuit, and also how to simulate it in MODELSIM and synthesis the RTL in FPGA using Altera Quartus. The complete information about this workshop can be seen in ieee-edc.stei.itb.ac.id/vlsi-workshop/

On 26-27 October 2016, we visit UNILA (Universitas Lampung or Lampung University) in Bandar Lampung , the city center in Lampung. On this workshop all of the attendees is students from UNILA. There were more than 30 participant in this workshop. on the first day of workshop is opened by SSCS Indonesia chapter treasury, Mr. Farkhad Ihsan Hariadi.

VLSI & FPGA Workshop in ITERA (Institut Teknologi Sumatera)

VLSI & FPGA Workshop in ITERA (Institut Teknologi Sumatera)

On 28-29 October 2016, we do the same workshop in ITERA (Institut Teknologi Sumatera). The attendees in this workshop are 16 people. They are students and lecturers from ITERA. They enthusiastically participated in this workshop. this workshop is opened by our SSCS general secretary Ms. Elvayandri Muchtar. In this workshop we used DE0 Nano, DE1, DE2, Altera development board.

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