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IEEE SSCS Indonesia Chapter collaborating with the School of Electrical Engineering and Informatics (STEI), Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB) organized the 1st Indonesia Electronics Design Contest. This contest challenged students’ creativity and innovation for designing electronics systems and its applications. The event was also held to explore the state-of-the-art of SSCS related technology. For SSCS Indonesia Chapter, which was just established on December 2013, this was the biggest event sponsored by IEEE SSCS to promote the activities of SSCS Indonesia Chapter to the students, researchers, and industries. The event also had an objective to create an ecosystem of electronics company in Indonesia. The event was attended more than 150 attendees coming from diverse background such as students, professors, and professional engineers from various industries.  The event was also attended by IEEE Indonesia Section Chair and the Dean of STEI ITB.


The first winner of VLSI category

The contest was dedicated for undergraduate students and featured two topics, VLSI and Embedded System.  This contest had collected 34 design proposals from various universities across Indonesia. Some of them are Bandung Institute of Technology, Indonesian Computer University, Trunojoyo University, Lampung University, Gadjah Mada University, University of Indonesia, etc. The main event and grand final was held on Tuesday, December 9, 2014 at East Hall ITB. At the Grand Final, ten finalists were invited to ITB with supported travel grants from the committee.

In the contest topic of VLSI, student had to design Modular Multiplication Module for  2048 bit RSA.  In this topic, student had to design the module using HDL language and make the implementation using FPGA.  During competition, students showed many different architecture of Modular Multiplication Module to reach the smallest and fastest design.  They also had to present the working prototype of their design.  The first winner for this topic was ITB team with the title “Hardware Implementation of Montgomery Modular Multiplication Algorithm Using Iterative Architecture”.  The team member are Antonius Perdana Renardy, Ashbir Aviat Fadila and Naufal Shidqi.


The first winner of Embedded System category

In the contest topic of Embedded System, student had to design LED Lighting Control System using android device.  Many different applications had been developed by the students, such as LED lighting system for hydroponic farming, smart color mixing controller using smartphone, and  event stage lighting system.  The first winner for this topic is “SimpLED team”, with title “Simple and Smart LED Lighting System”. The team member are Alvin Nurhadi Wijaya, Aji Setyawan and Steve, from Engineering Physics, Bandung Institute of Technology. They successfully presented a very smooth color mixing device with fast response. The event was interesting and attracted audiences’ attention because the students were able to present demo of their design prototype and showed the real system.


All the finalists and committee members

The first, second and third winners of the event got many prizes from sponsors/supporters, including cash money, design kit from Marvell and ST Micro, as well as voucher for IEEE and SSCS membership.This event was also supported by several companies such as PT. Sat Nusapersada, PT. Uniair Cargo Indotama, PT. Xirka Silicon Technology, PT. Len Industri, PT. TSM Technologies, PT. Aplikasinusa Lintasarta, Marvell Technology, and Teck International Ltd.  From the result, SSCS Indonesia Chapter will make this event as annual event of the chapter. The complete information of this event can be seen in

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